Career Counselling

A career is best chosen when the student is well aware of his/her potentials and personality.

It's a misconception in the society that an option of career only presents itself once you complete a certain level of education. This approach is often wrong and deprives a student of planning one's career well in advance. It is the school Counsellors who empower them with the right and futuristic decisions after a proper assessment to unearth his/her strengths and weaknesses and by recommending solutions which ensure long term benefits for the students. Counseling plays an important role in various aspects of one's life and especially in pursuing career goals.

Knowledge is empowerment and the school plays an important role in providing Career Counselling sessions to the students and their parents of Grade 10. At Anantha Lakshmi English Medium School, Anantapur, Group Counselling sessions motivate the students to think in the right direction and with the help of individual counselling, students become aware of their interests, abilities and personality and are between able to plan their future. 

In attending our career counselling sessions, the students get a better understanding in exploring various options, analyzing the preexisting norms about choosing a career and ultimately developing comprehensive knowledge which helps them in decision making and grooming their personalities for the job that they ultimately plan to hold. The school in future will also organizes various sessions on study abroad for which representatives of different universities participates to make children aware of scholarship programmers' and other educational benefits of each international university.

Therefore, career counselling is a very important exercise that we at ALS give emphasis and take it very sincerely as this one exercise helps define a bright future that matches interests, aptitude, skill and personality of the child/student.