Dress Code

Dress Code

  • Students are expected to come to school on all days, in complete uniform including socks and shoes provided by the school, except on the days when informed otherwise.
  • On the days, where the child goes for Sports and Performing Activities, he / she should wear the Sports uniform with school shoes.
  • Mix and match of the regular school uniform with the Sports uniform are not acceptable and no excuses for the same will be entertained.


Girls may wear simple studs or small thin round earrings. Ribbons/hair bands must be black. Hair should be worn neatly and plaited or worn in two ponytails. Nail polish or long nails or mehendi applications on hands will not be allowed. Colouring of hair will not be permitted.


Boys are not permitted to wear earrings or ear studs. The hair should be cut short and not fall over the collar or over the forehead. No fancy hairstyles will be allowed. Colouring of hair, long nails and nail polish will not be permitted.

Note: If on any religious grounds any of the above cannot be followed,written permission from the Principal of the school will have to be obtained.