Middle Section

According to WB Yeats, "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire".

At the Middle School of Anantha Lakshmi,Anantapur , we aim at igniting young minds to explore, experience and discover the intrinsic joys of learning. We believe in using various learning styles and multiple intelligences to ensure that all students in the class are effectively engaged. We focus on developing a curriculum that caters to the individual as well as the class as a whole. We have a continuous evaluation process that is diagnostic in nature, to clearly identify areas of improvement so that each child can progress effectively.


Our students not only follow rigorous academic programmes but also pursue individual passions, explore personal interests, and prepare for post-secondary opportunities in sports and creative industries. To nudge the creative talents of our students, our wide-ranging performance art and music studios provide rich opportunities for self-discovery and self-expression. We aim at helping students get themselves ready for success in a rapidly changing world: celebrating the effective learners, confident individuals, and caring contributors that they are and want to become. Our school takes pride in celebrating multifarious cultures and festivals which spread the message of peace, brotherhood and harmony.

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

We take pride in our Multicultural classrooms where an inviting, supportive, and safe environment is created for the students. The Students and teachers are engaged in active learning along with multiple learning and teaching approaches that respond to their diversity. We encourage our students to be strong critical thinkers and independent and collaborative learners.

Classroom and lab work are strengthened with educational trips. Additionally, students gain the skills they will need for the rest of their academic careers through project and activity based learning. We promote hands-on experience, active classrooms, self - learning, adaptation of best practices and the active use of technology in education.