Pre – Primary

The Primary Section is the integral stage in the child's over-all development. In the growing and ever so fast advancing word, most often it's our little kids who are left behind.

At Anantha lakshmi, the Primary Section's only motto is to give the best to our children. They are our future leaders and we help them and nurture them towards their goal. The Section expanses from Classes I to V; ranging age groups between 6 to 10 years. These formative years of the child is very crucial and important.

We believe that raising a child is a team effort. With a strong team supporting them, every child can learn, be well, and thrive. Parents and caregivers are the most powerful, capable, and important members of a child's team.

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

Our primary curriculum stresses strongly the conceptual learning of the subjects, as here the skills the students developed now comes into action. Our primary school is one of the best primary schools in the region and we work towards a brighter future for our students.

Each year, as they begin their journey to Primary Grades of II, III, IV and V, they are introduced to a new curriculum to provide them with advanced learning. In our primary school, this phase serves as an intermediate phase between the conceptual learning stages to the career-building stage. Everything learned in the primary classes will build the initial ground for the students to work towards their dream. In this crucial phase, every aspect of learning i.e. academics, inculcating values, discipline etc. is closely taken care of. The development during the primary stage of education empowers the comprehensive abilities, enhancing their vision for both personal and academic goals.

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to give students a clear understanding of the topics that have a vital significance throughout their life. We accomplish this through our innovative teaching methods, focusing on the application of concepts and creating a hands-on experience for students, using practical methods.

Our curriculum consists of application-based learning methods, all basic concepts are cleared. Each subject, be it Maths, Science, English, or even Computer Sciences are catered to, with a basic concept of learning by doing. We compete and stand tall with a wider perspective.

Our Mentors make use of various creative methods and activities to display what we usually learn in the form of textbooks. Even our textbooks include illustrative content for visual understanding. We understand that what a child learns in his/her primary years is never forgotten if taught well, and that is what we emphasize.

  • Academic Excellence

    Innovative teaching methods to nurture the potentials of the students, driving them towards achieving academic excellence.

  • Personal Attention

    A team of Skilled and experienced teachers who are experts in their respective fields to cater to the curiosities of each student.

  • Holistic Development

    Learning beyond classrooms through a spectrum of extra-curricular activities for an all-round progress.

  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

    World-class infrastructure to complement the academic process and extra-curricular activities.

  • Safe Campus

    Comprehensive measures to ensure the safety of our students.